Jackie Chan

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PURPOSE To develop mathematical and geometric models of the nonuniform autofluorescence (AF) patterns of foveas of normal subjects and to reconstruct these models from limited subsets of data. METHODS Confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope (cSLO) AF fundus images of normal maculae were obtained from both eyes of 10 middle-aged subjects. They were filtered(More)
The complex relationships between organizational practices have been the focus of information technology business value (ITBV) research in recent years. There appears to be a discernible trend toward a more nuanced view in which the effects of information technology (IT), various organizational practices and their complex interactions are systematically(More)
  • Stefanie Haller, Jackie Chan, Adrian Doireann Corcoran, Fitzgerald, Costas Arkolakis, Ina Jäkel +3 others
  • 2014
Aggregate exports are not very responsive to real exchange rates, though they respond strongly to trade liberalizations, a fact sometimes referred to as the International Elasticity Puzzle. We use micro data on firms and exports for Ireland to dissect the puzzle. Our identification strategy uses within-firm-year cross-market variation in real exchange rates(More)
Eastern king prawn, Penaeus (Melicertus) plebejus, is an endemic Australian species which is heavily exploited both commercially and recreationally in estuaries and in offshore trawl fisheries across several jurisdictions. P. plebejus shows extensive movement throughout the known distribution range during various life history stages (Montgomery et al. in(More)
Important Notes to CJS MA Students:  Courses are listed by SUBJECT names.  For a full, up to date listing of all courses, including descriptions and enrollment space information, see the LSA Course Guide (www.lsa.umich.edu/cg/).  Courses numbered 100-499 are intended for undergraduate students; 500 and above for graduate students.  Some, but not all,(More)
The relationship between the number of …rms and price competition is a central issue in economics. To explore this relationship, we modify Varian's (1980) model and assume that …rms are privately informed about their costs of production. Allowing that the support of possible cost types may be large, we show that an increase in the number of …rms induces(More)
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