Jackie Cassell

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BACKGROUND Sexual health promotion is a major public health challenge; there is huge potential for health promotion via technology such as the Internet. OBJECTIVES To determine effects of interactive computer-based interventions (ICBI) for sexual health promotion, considering cognitive, behavioural, biological and economic outcomes. SEARCH STRATEGY We(More)
BACKGROUND The role of antibiotics in treating mild or moderate exacerbations in patients with acute chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is unclear. The aims were to: (i) describe patient characteristics associated with acute exacerbations amongst a representative COPD population, (ii) explore the relationship between COPD severity and outcomes(More)
BACKGROUND Electronic medical records (EMRs) are revolutionizing health-related research. One key issue for study quality is the accurate identification of patients with the condition of interest. Information in EMRs can be entered as structured codes or unstructured free text. The majority of research studies have used only coded parts of EMRs for(More)
Free text notes typed by primary care physicians during patient consultations typically contain highly non-canonical language. Shallow syntactic analysis of free text notes can help to reveal valuable information for the study of disease and treatment. We present an exploratory study into chunking such text using off-the-shelf language processing tools and(More)
Pragmatic trials determine the effects of an intervention under the usual conditions in which it will be applied. Databases of electronic health records (EHR), such as the General Practice Research Database (GPRD), provide a unique opportunity to conduct large scale pragmatic trials. This paper describes the infrastructure as being implemented for two(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate effective methods for communicating the personalized risks of alcohol consumption, particularly to young people. METHODS An interactive computerized blood alcohol content calculator was implemented in Flash based on literature findings for effectively communicating risk. Young people were consulted on attitudes to the animation(More)
This paper describes and reflects on the development and use of 'acted reality' scenarios to study variability in General Practitioners' (GPs') record keeping practices, particularly their use of free text and coded entries. With actors playing the part of patients and in control of certain elements of the interaction, the acted reality approach creates a(More)
G Ischaemic heart disease G3 Acute myocardial infarction G30 Anterior myocardial infarct G301 T476 Hit by boat water skiing U1287 Bitten or struck by crocodile or alligator, occurrence on farm T5408 Hit by aircraft, without accident to aircraft, member of ground crew or airline employee injured T55z1 spacecraft accident NOS, member of ground crew injured(More)
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