Jackie Campbell

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AIM This review explores the experiences of international nurses recently recruited to the UK nursing workforce (1995-2007) and the implications for retention. BACKGROUND An acute shortage of nurses in the mid 1990s, combined with policy initiatives to increase the number of qualified nurses working in the NHS, resulted in an active campaign to recruit(More)
In this paper, Rosemarie Streeton, Mary Cooke and Jackie Campbell focus on an aspect of the needs and obligations of the UK Research Governance Framework (DoH 2001). In particular, they discuss the snowballing recruitment technique and how this relates to the demands of research governance. The discussion is supported by examples from the literature and(More)
Overseas staff have been described as the 'saviours of British nursing' and it has been mooted that some healthcare organisations, particularly in the independent sector, would cease to function without them (Buchan 2003). This article discusses a review of the experiences of migrant nurses who came to the U.K. between 1995 and 2007, focusing on the(More)
Objectives and relationship to conference themes The development of a research culture within the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, and the research capacity building within the profession that must underpin this, is an essential element of both the 'learn' and 'achieve' themes of the conference. The role of professional bodies in developing(More)
Sea-level rise (SLR) is one consequence of global climate change and given Carpinteria's location right along the coast, the City will likely face the threats of sea-level rise and other impacts in greater frequency and intensity. The intent of this administrative draft is to provide a foundation for future development of a Climate Adaptation Plan, a(More)
In 1965 Melzack and Wall proposed the influential gate control theory of pain. This theory postulates that the substantia gelatinosa, located within the spinal cord, acts as a gate control mechanism which can influence the flow of information to the brain and thus impact on the pain experience. Subsequent research has, in general, supported this theory. The(More)
This paper aims to critically reflect on the processes, agendas and use of Big Data by presenting existing issues and problems in place and consolidating our points of views presented from different angles. This paper also describes current practices of handling Big Data, including considerations of smaller scale data analysis and the use of data(More)