Jackeline Spinola de Freitas

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In the last decades, cognitive and neuroscience findings about emotion have motivated the design of emotional-based architectures to model individuals' behavior. Currently, we are working with a cognitive, multi-layered architecture for Agents, which provides them with emotion-influenced behavior and has been extended to model social interactions. This(More)
In last decades, neuroscience and psychology research findings about emotion have been increasingly attracting the attention of many researchers in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) areas. AI, interested in cognitive processes modeling and simulation, clearly see that emotion is a crucial element to model perception, learning, decision(More)
The following hypotheses were tested for groups of simultaneous hermaphrodites Biomphalaria tenagophila: (a) snails that have low reproductive success during the process of self-fertilization do not increase their reproductive success after the end of grouping; (b) the copulation behaviour and the presence of one snail whose eggs have a low viability rate(More)
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