Jack van Hoof

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Objective: To study the role of the community pharmacist in medication management.Method: Participating Flemish pharmacists quantified their interventions during two weeks by use of validated diagrams. The clinical interventions were recorded in detail, while the technical interventions were only registered. Results: 124 pharmacists participated.(More)
The physiological adaptations of the neonatal rat to hypoxia from birth include changes in gastrointestinal function and intermediary metabolism. We hypothesized that the hypoxic lactating dam would exhibit alterations in mammary gland function leading to changes in the concentration of milk peptides that are important in neonatal gastrointestinal(More)
Objective: The objective of this study was to determine whether pharmacy records of nitrate prescriptions could be used as a marker of angina pectoris.Method: This study was conducted within the Rotterdam Study, a prospective follow-up study which started in 1991 and included 7983 elderly subjects. During follow-up, 1601 subjects filled a first prescription(More)
Increasingly stringent international passenger safety norms and the need to reduce vehicle body weight for environmental and protection requirements demand efficient and innovative design methods. Computer simulation, or virtual testing, allows an integrated evaluation of these aspects in the early design stages and thereby reduces costs for prototyping and(More)
A method utilizing microinjection of glycosaminoglycan-degrading enzymes in the chicken blastoderm prior to embryo culture and immunostaining for fibronectin have been applied to demonstrate an interaction between glycosaminoglycans and fibronectin in the basement membrane of the epiblast. Fixation of tissue in a mixture of formaldehyde and cetylpyridinium(More)
We studied the interaction between glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and fibronectin in the basement membrane of the epiblast in the chicken blastoderm using testicular-hyaluronidase digestion of GAGs either on fixed tissue sections or in vivo after microinjection of the enzyme preparation prior to immunostaining for fibronectin. In the choice of fixatives, special(More)
A chemical basis for the transmission of signals during gastrulation has been investigated by using chimaeric embryos resulting from the combination of 3H-glucosamine-labelled and unlabelled hypoblast with epiblast taken from chicken and quail embryos at stage 3 of Vakaet (1970). The ability to distinguish chicken from quail cells on the basis of their(More)
This review (part I and II) contains an overview of the literature of the past fifteen years over psychomotor retardation in depressed patients, as measured by the following methods: observation scales (part I); observation, coding and analysis of specific nonverbal behaviour (part I); speech research (part I); (choice) reaction time tasks (part II);(More)