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On one-dimensional G-dynamics and non-Hermitian Hamiltonian operators
Focusing on the algebraical analysis of two various kinds of one-dimensional G-dynamics ŵ and ŵ separately induced by different Hamiltonian operators Ĥ are the keypoints. In this work, it’s evidently
Geometric Hamiltonian matrix on the analogy between geodesic equation and Schr\"{o}dinger equation
By formally comparing the geodesic equation with the Schrödinger equation on Riemannian manifold, we come up with the geometric Hamiltonian matrix on Riemannian manifold based on the geospin matrix,
A rigorous Hermitian proof about the G-dynamics and analogy with Berry-Keating's Hamiltonian
Quantum covariant Hamiltonian system theory provides a coherent framework for modelling the complex dynamics of quantum systems. In this paper, we centrally deal with the Hermiticity of quantum