Jack W. Frazer

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In a V-2 model of solitary hepatic metastasis, residual tumor was histologically identified in the treatment field in only three of 14 (21%) animals subjected to microsphere embolization of tumor arterioles plus focal (43 degrees C, 40 min) hyperthermia compared with seven of ten (70%) subjected to focal (43 degrees C, 40 min) hyperthermia alone (P less(More)
Magnetic resonance image (MRI) pixel intensities were investigated using a phantom containing several uniform size chambers filled with solutions of known relaxation times, as well as head scans of patients and volunteers. Intensities were measured with a variety of pulse intervals typically used for imaging with spin echo, (SE) and inversion recovery (IR)(More)
Efficient control of complex chemical processes can be most easily implemented when the process is characterized. However, for most chemical systems this is difficult if not impossible because of the lack of adequate chemical information and the complexity of the interrelationships between the many variables in the process. The control of the processes is(More)
This abstract describes the operation of an automated electrochemical cell that utilizes an ion selective electrode (ISE) as the detector. The instrument can rapidly and automatically generate on-line estimates of the concentration of an ion, thus providing chemical information useful for controlling a chemical process. A typical application might be the(More)
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