Jack Vowles

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Advocates of proportional representation (PR) often cite its potential for increasing citizen involvement in politics as one of PR’s fundamental advantages over plurality or first past the post (FPP) systems. Electoral systems that distort the translation of votes into seats are assumed to alienate and discourage small party supporters leading to lower(More)
This paper extends theoretical arguments regarding the impact of economic globalization on policymaking to electoral turnout and considers how distinct dimensions of globalization may produce different effects. We theorize that constraints on government policy that reduce incentives to vote are more likely to be induced by foreign ownership of capital,(More)
Theories of voter turnout assume that institutional arrangements can alter incentives for participation. Countries with proportional representation (PR) are assumed to increase the incentives to participate because they reduce the proportion of votes that are wasted, giving voters a stronger incentive to participate and parties a stronger incentive to(More)
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