Jack Verhoosel

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In order to gain insight in tools and languages for business process modelling (BPM) and business process redesign (BPR), we present a framework for the evaluation of such languages and tools. The framework evaluates the quality of tools and languages for supporting all stages in a BPR project. It consists of four dimensions: functionality, ease of use,(More)
1270 AA Huizen NL 7500 AN Enschede NL Absb.ad-Industry acceptance of TINA (Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture) will depend heavily on both the evaluation of working systems that implement this architecture , and on the experiences obtained during the design and implementation of these systems. During the MESH' (Multimedia services on the(More)
A combination of flexible optical time division multiplexing and dense wavelength division multiplexing techniques is deployed for realising a reconfigurable multi-Tbit/s data transport network connecting over 13000 telescope antennas. Both short-range and long-range transport in the 1.3 µm and in the 1.5 µm wavelength range, respectively, are explored.
This paper reports on the experiences with the development of services on a TINA-based service deployment platform. Within the MESH (Multimedia services on the Electronic Super Highway) project, such a platform is developed based on the TINA Service Architecture 5.0. Various services have been developed on top of this platform using a distributed software(More)
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