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In order to gain insight in tools and languages for business process modelling (BPM) and business process redesign (BPR), we present a framework for the evaluation of such languages and tools. The framework evaluates the quality of tools and languages for supporting all stages in a BPR project. It consists of four dimensions: functionality, ease of use,(More)
A combination of flexible optical time division multiplexing and dense wavelength division multiplexing techniques is deployed for realising a reconfigurable multi-Tbit/s data transport network connecting over 13000 telescope antennas. Both short-range and long-range transport in the 1.3 µm and in the 1.5 µm wavelength range, respectively, are explored.
In the astronomy world, there is a need for high-performance radio telescopes operating at low frequencies. Such a telescope can be realized by a large network of small dipole antennas spread over an area of about 360 square kilometers. This antenna configuration requires a multi-terabit optical network to transport and collect the massive amounts of data(More)
Smart Grid technologies are being developed to better operate the power system and integrate larger amounts of renewable intermittent power sources and new energy efficient electrical equipment. Coordinating flexibilities in power supply and demand plays a crucial role in this development. Interoperability between actors and their systems is of importance(More)
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