Jack Stenner

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This paper describes an interactive installation that addresses issues of presence and absence by creating a virtualized representation of the abandoned town, Playas, New Mexico. This town is slated for conversion into an anti-terrorism training facility by New Mexico Tech University in conjunction with the United States Department of Homeland Security.(More)
When the US housing market collapsed in 2008, so did the dreams of many middle- and lower-class Americans. Florida, California, Nevada, and Arizona were hit particularly hard, and not by a force of nature, but by the abstract and invisible hand of the market. Prior to the collapse, the movement of global capital seemed like a distant reality to most(More)
This paper describes Open House, a networked art installation by Jack Stenner and Patrick LeMieux that allows visitors to telematically squat in a Florida home undergoing foreclosure after the U.S. housing collapse. Virtual markets transformed this otherwise livable property into a ghost house. Prior to the collapse, the movements of global capital seemed(More)
Critical Reflection in a Digital Media Artwork Playas: Homeland Mirage. (August 2007) Jack Eric Stenner, B.E.D.; M.S., Texas A&M University Co-chairs of Advisory Committee: Prof. Carol LaFayette, MFA Dr. Andruid Kerne The introduction of digital media into the working practice of artists has produced challenges previously unknown to the field of art. This(More)
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