Jack Starmer

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WizOrder, Vanderbilt University Medical Center's (VUMC) clinician order entry system, is an excellent platform for delivering high-quality decision support to clinical end-users. A scripting language designed to make it easy for non-programmer domain experts to enter rules helps distribute the generation and maintenance of the knowledge-base necessary to(More)
OBJECTIVE Clinical decision support (CDS) is a powerful tool for improving healthcare quality and ensuring patient safety; however, effective implementation of CDS requires effective clinical and technical governance structures. The authors sought to determine the range and variety of these governance structures and identify a set of recommended practices(More)
Care of mechanically ventilated patients requires coordination between multiple caregivers, necessitating the availability of accurate and timely information on patient status. Researchers have documented positive effects of several interventions on the rates of developing ventilator associated complications, such as providing regular oral care and(More)
Order sets have been used to make evidence-based guidelines actionable at the point of care with evidence of improved outcomes. In order to understand the impact evidence-based order sets might have on patients and providers at Vanderbilt, it is important to understand current and past use of order sets. This study examined ordering patterns over a 6-year(More)
Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) accounts for 1.36 million hospitalizations and billions of dollars in costs in the United States alone. A major challenge to diagnosing and treating patients with suspected ACS is the significant symptom overlap between patients with and without ACS. There is a high cost to over- and under-treatment. Guidelines recommend early(More)
In prokaryotes, Shine-Dalgarno (SD) sequences, nucleotides upstream from start codons on messenger RNAs (mRNAs) that are complementary to ribosomal RNA (rRNA), facilitate the initiation of protein synthesis by allowing the two molecules to hybridize and form a double-helix. Many mRNAs, however, lack SD sequences and presumably use another mechanism to(More)
CPOE systems hold the promise of both reducing medical errors and improving compliance with evidence-based guidelines. Evidence-based order sets have been used to make evidence-based guidelines actionable at the point of care. Investigators have conducted research into factors effecting order set use, but little has been documented regarding order set(More)
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