Jack Stapleton

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This paper briefly reviews three aspects of cigarette smoking behaviour: recent British trends in prevalence and cessation, tobacco dependence and the nicotine withdrawal syndrome, and treatment for smokers using nicotine replacement therapy. It concludes with a meta-analysis of the effect of relapse in nicotine replacement trials. For many years, until(More)
GB Virus C (GBV-C) is a non-pathogenic flavivirus, commonly found in HIV infected patients. Studies suggest a survival benefit of GBV-C viremia in HIV infection. Impact of GBV-C viremia was evaluated on clinical outcome in multidrug-resistant HIV. The OPTIMA study enrolled advanced multidrug-resistant HIV patients with a CD4 count ≤300 cells/mm(3). This(More)
In summary, non-menstrual TSS is potentially lethal if overlooked. Postoperative TSS can be particularly difficult to diagnose because patients often present with mild nonspecific, "flu like" symptoms and usually do not have evidence of local wound infection. It is therefore important to have a high suspicion index of occult wound infection complicated by(More)
G ALIO)1P rhythmi rel)esellts one of the minost important but still veryconfused aspeets of elinical auscultation of the heart. Most gallop rhythms are uinre(ogniized or misillterprete(l. This is unfortunate because a gallop, depending on the type, often represents the earliest elinieal evideiiee of (ongI.tive heart failure. After anialyzing the varloiis(More)