Jack Stanley

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OBJECTIVES Non-illicit alternatives to controlled drugs, known as novel psychoactive substances (NPS), have recently risen to prominence. They are readily available, with uncertain pharmacology and no widely available assay. Given that psychiatric patients are at risk of comorbid substance abuse, we hypothesised that NPS use would be present in the(More)
PURPOSE Describe patient satisfaction and patient-reported outcomes after voluntary use of a telephone-based nurse triage service. METHODS A random sample of symptomatic callers who contacted the triage service in 1999 was identified. A computer-assisted telephone survey was conducted, resulting in a response rate of 58.9 percent and a sample size of(More)
(Continued from page 1, column 2) of English, a secretary to a university president, a dean of a college, executive secretary of a state teach-ers' association and editor of its Journal, and has filled various administrative posts in the New York state education department. Just recently, he resigned as associate commissioner of education, a position that(More)
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