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Art from Ashes: A Holocaust Anthology
A comprehensive anthology of Holocaust literature that comprises selected fiction, poetry, and drama, as well as memoirs, transcripts of interviews with survivors, and diaries. With works by suchExpand
Crime in Indian country: Another “trail of tears”
Abstract This article explores the status of crime among the American Indian population. Quantitative information regarding Indian offenses and arrest is presented and placed into the large spectrumExpand
Relativity and Degrees of Relationality
Some things are relative. Left and right are relative to spatial orientation, for example, and legality is relative to jurisdiction. We also wonder about more controversial cases. Is moralityExpand
Why Take Both Boxes
The crucial premise of the standard argument for two-boxing in Newcomb's problem, a causal dominance principle, is false. We present some counterexamples. We then offer a metaethical explanation forExpand
Disagreement and Attitudinal Relativism
tions (‘knows’), predicates of taste (‘tasty’, ‘delicious’, ‘cool’), colour ascriptions (‘red’), epistemic modals (‘might’, ‘must’, ‘probably’), deontic modals (‘ought’, ‘may’), and indicativeExpand
Partnership Building for Sustainable Development: An Industry Perspective from Saskatchewan
Abstract Weyerhaeuser chose to become a partner of the Prince Albert Model Forest primarily for two reasons: to strengthen relationships with other forest stakeholders, most notably the Montreal LakeExpand
An argument against causal decision theory
This paper develops an argument against causal decision theory. I formulate a principle of preference, which I call the Guaranteed Principle. I argue that the preferences of rational agents satisfyExpand
The Ballistic Missile Threat Handbook
No Crystal Balls
A crystal ball, in Hall’s (1994) sense, need be neither round nor crystalline. The world is said to contain crystal balls whenever the present carries news of the as-yet-undetermined parts of theExpand