Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu

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Rapidly changing business environments and evolving processes increase the uncertainties in IS development. To produce a high-quality system that responds to user needs is challenging. We attempted to determine whether user reviews during the development process could reduce uncertainties and improve the product. Technology structuration theory indicated(More)
Information system development can be considered a collaboration between users and developers. The inability to leverage the localized knowledge embedded in these two stakeholders hinders software development work to achieve high performance. Exploring the ways to counter this difficulty is then critical. This study applies an intellectual capital(More)
Drawing on the taxonomy of social support and the transactional model of stress and coping, we proposed a dual social support model to study the online social support exchange behaviors. Our model predicts that the receiving of problem-focused and emotion-focused support from others enhances coping resources which are the main drivers of willingness to(More)
The high complexity nature of current contemporary software makes team a popular work style in information system development (ISD) projects. ISD is a knowledge intensive process which requires members to exchange and coordinate knowledge resources effectively. However, it is reported that ISD projects often failed because of coordination breakdown and(More)
The transactive memory system (TMS) has been considered as one critical element for effective teamwork. However, viewing TMS as a second-order construct that mixes cognitive (specialty and credibility) and behavioural (coordination) components leads to confusion and increases the difficulty in interpreting study results. This study follows the concept(More)
Most social capital studies either treat the three dimensions of social capital as parallel or hypothesize that causal relationships exist among them. We attempt to further explore the interaction effects between paired dimensions of social capital. In the context of information system development (ISD) projects, we propose direct and interaction effects of(More)
Online shopping has grown substantially across the globe. Understanding how to increase customers' loyalty through lifting up the level of satisfaction has been emphasized by both researchers and practitioners. Prior research focuses on overall satisfaction and continuance intention. In this study, we integrate expectation-confirmation theory (ECT) and IS(More)