Jack S. Hale

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Containers are an emerging technology that hold promise for improving productivity and code portability in scientific computing. We examine Linux container technology for the distribution of a non-trivial scientific computing software stack and its execution on a spectrum of platforms from laptop computers through to high performance computing (HPC)(More)
We discuss Bayesian inference (BI) for the probabilistic identification of material parameters. This contribution aims to shed light on the use of BI for the identification of elastoplastic material parameters. For this purpose a single spring is considered, for which the stress-strain curves are artificially created. Besides offering a didactic(More)
Since the introduction of isogeometric analysis (IGA) by Hughes et al. in 2005 [1], one of the most promising directions of research in computational mechanics during the recent years has been towards the synthesis of the CAD geometry and methods of stress analysis (see [2] for a review of work in this area). IGA utilizes the same functions for representing(More)
Infrared switching electrochromic devices based on tungsten oxide" (2000). Different types of electrochromic devices for thermal emittance modulation were developed in the spectral region from mid-to far-infrared ͑2–40 ␮m͒. In all devices polycrystalline and amorphous tungsten oxide have been used as electrochromic and ion storage layer, respectively. Two(More)
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