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Peptides with potent broad-spectrum antibiotic activity have been identified in many animal species. Recent investigations have demonstrated that epithelial cells are a site of antibiotic peptide expression, suggesting that these peptides contribute to host defense at mucosal surfaces. Expression of tracheal antimicrobial peptide (TAP), a member of the(More)
A growing body of evidence suggests that endogenous antibiotics contribute to the innate defense of mammalian mucosal surfaces. In the cow, beta-defensins constitute a large family of antibiotic peptides whose members have been previously isolated from the respiratory and oral mucosa, as well as circulating phagocytic cells. A novel bovine genomic clone(More)
In this article, I examine Adam Smith's theory of the ways individuals in society bridge social and biological difference. In doing so, I emphasize the divisive effects of gender, race, and class to see if Smith's account of social unity can overcome such fractious forces. My discussion uses the metaphor of " proximity " to mean both physical and(More)
The purpose of this paper is to provide IS educators with proposed course content and a strategy for teaching a capstone course in the IS curriculum that addresses both cognitive and affective learning experiences. To help architect the course content and sequence, a survey was administered to both IS educators and IS professionals. The results of IS(More)
It is widely known that since the year 2000, the number of U.S. students who choose Computer Information Systems (CIS), Management Information Systems (MIS), or Computer Science (CS) as a major has declined significantly. For many CIS departments, a portion of their budget is tied to the number of student credit hours that are produced. There are ways to(More)
Likert scale measures are commonly used in assessing student performance as well as student perceptions. They are particularly good in gathering data to subjective questions, but being able to compare and contrast multiple Likert data has been a challenge for the typical academic. Researchers and educators alike frequently assign a numerical value to each(More)
The CDR3 region of the TCR beta-chain of a CD4+, Th1, Vbeta2+ encephalitogenic T cell clone was used as an idiotypic marker to track the location of the clone in vivo. cDNA prepared from the spinal cord, thymus, lymph nodes, spleen, and liver of the recipients at various stages of EAE was amplified using Vbeta2 and Cbeta-region primers, and the products(More)
The existence of an ordinal measure already exists and is well justified, but a modest extension of the consensus formula permits Likert scale data to be assessed with respect to a predetermined value, and the results used for comparisons and trajectories. The new measure, called the strength of consensus, is a modification of both the Shannon entropy, an(More)
Much has been written about the explosive growth occurring and forecast for business graphics. Users and vendors alike are excited by these prospects. But, what is business graphics? Is it narrowly confined to slide making? Some with a broad view have suggested it is an extension of a management information system. Users search through journals and(More)
Research on how clinicians search shows that they pose queries according to three common clinical tasks: searching for diagnoses, searching for treatments and searching for tests. We hypothesise, therefore, that structuring an information retrieval system around these three tasks would be beneficial when searching for evidence-based medicine (EBM) resources(More)