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Road dust continues to be a major potential reservoir of Pb in the urban environment, and an important potential component of child Pb exposure. This study presents ICP-AES analyses of metals in 72 samples of road dust (<250 µm) collected in the urban core of Atlanta, Georgia. In the Downtown area, median Pb concentrations are ~63 mg/kg Pb, with high values(More)
In this paper, methods of choosing a vehicle out of an image are explored. Digital images are taken from a monocular camera. Image processing techniques are applied to each single frame picture to create the feature vector. Finally the resulting features are used to classify whether there is a car in the picture or not using support vector machines. The(More)
The authors present a method to approximate costs of multiple individual practices. The formula approximates costs, builds in an acceptable profit margin and encourages productivity. In addition to developing a rational, analytic approach to pricing, they describe how they convinced the organization's physicians that its managers negotiated fair fees for(More)
The Threat Oriented Survivability Optimization Model (TOSOM) is a simple to use, first order model that permits the user to tradeoff various countermeasure technologies for the purpose of finding a countermeasure suite with enhanced survivability. The model postulates a threat environment, defines burdens (that is, constraints on any proposed solution), and(More)
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