Jack Park

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In this paper, we will introduce a new semantic desktop system called IRIS, and explain the context in which it was built, as part of the CALO Cognitive Assistant project. As we describe our quest to construct the kinds of tools that will significantly enhance the user's experience and augment the user's ability to perform knowledge work, we will explain(More)
The development of the IRIS semantic desktop platform has provided illumination of some important issues associated with the collection and manipulation of knowledge assets that are organized by an ontology. We explore those issues related to the personalization of the workspace and of the knowledge assets manipulated by IRIS users. We show that a topic map(More)
This paper reports progress in realizing human-agent argumentation, which we argue will be part of future Computer-Supported Collaborative Argumentation (CSCA) tools. With a particular interest in argument mapping, we present two investigations demonstrating how a particular agent-oriented language and architecture can augment CSCA: (i) the use of the IBIS(More)
  • Julie J, J Park, Kevin Eaga
  • 2010
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The CALO project at SRI International provides unique opportunities to explore the boundaries of knowledge representation and organization in a learning environment. A goal reported here is to develop methods for assistance in the preparation of documents through a topic map framework populated by combinations of machine learning and recorded social(More)
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