Jack M. Wolfe

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In accumulating a sum such as in a numerical integration with a large number of intervals, the sum itself becomes much larger than the individual addends. This may produce a less accurate sum as the number of intervals is increased.Separate variables can be established as accumulators to hold partial sums within various distinct intervals. Thus, the(More)
This paper discusses limitations of programming aptitude tests. The use of multiple-choice type questions, the testwiseness of the college graduate group, and the inclusion of questions of mathematical information tend to diminish the effectiveness of such tests as predictors of success in business programming. Timed tests favor the faster worker over the(More)
A unique feature of this test is that it consists of only three problems. The second problem, moreover, depends on the first and the third problem depends on the two earlier ones. Each of the problems is more intricate than the preceding one. Although one hour of working time has proved adequate for about half the number of students who have taken the test,(More)
This test was used in an experimental form in varying numbers by a total of 14 companies and government agencies that had administered the test and provided information subsequently on their supervisors' rankings of the persons tested after receiving our rankings based on the persons' performance on the test. The supervisors' evaluations were based on the(More)
An earlier version of this test, Experimental Form A, was administered to 295 programming students in 7 participating schools. The test books were then returned to the author for grading. The results showed Pearson coefficients of correlation between the test rankings and the grades in the programming courses ranging from .14 to .69 for the 192 men students(More)
Awad (1) reported recently that the average firm experiences a 30% to 40% turnover in DP personnel because of voluntary resignations each year. We surveyed five of our client companies that use our Aptitude Assessment Battery: Programming test. One of these companies employs fewer than 50 programmers, two employ between 50 and 100 programmers, and the other(More)
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