Jack M. Rosenberg

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of gabapentin on pain scores and opiate use. DESIGN Retrospective review of patients charts who received gabapentin for at least 30 days. Data were collected concerning patients' diagnosis, current drug use, concurrent drug use, gabapentin dose, pain scores, and patient-reported side effects. Patients were divided into(More)
UNLABELLED Most patients who undergo surgical procedures experience acute postoperative pain, but evidence suggests that less than half report adequate postoperative pain relief. Many preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative interventions and management strategies are available for reducing and managing postoperative pain. The American Pain Society,(More)
Fourteen new cases of parathyroid cyst are presented. Two distinct groups were identified: functioning and nonfunctioning. Patients with functioning cysts presented with hypercalcemia, tended to be men and were older. Patients with nonfunctioning cysts were all women, had normocalcemia and all presented with neck masses. Ultrasonography proved useful while(More)
BACKGROUND Poor pain management persists in health care. Although common practice errors in pain management have been identified and standards and guidelines for pain management have been published, improvement has been modest. With the goal of rapid improvement in pain management, a joint Collaborative (Veterans Health Administration and Institute for(More)
We studied the effect of standard and high doses of epinephrine on coronary perfusion pressure during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in 32 patients whose cardiac arrest was refractory to advanced cardiac life support. Simultaneous aortic and right atrial pressures were measured and plasma epinephrine levels were sampled. Patients remaining in cardiac arrest(More)
OBJECTIVES Radial artery pressure is known to differ from central arterial pressure in normal patients (distal pulse amplification) and in the early postcardiopulmonary bypass period. The adequacy of the radial artery as a site for blood pressure monitoring in critically ill patients receiving high-dose vasopressors has not been carefully examined. DESIGN(More)
One of the most unusual sites of isolated villous adenomas is the ampulla of Vater. Six patients with this neoplasm have recently been identified. The mean age was 68 years, and four were female. Four of the six were evaluated on several occasions before definitive diagnosis. Preoperative endoscopy correctly identified the lesions in two of three patients.(More)
Since carcinoid tumors rarely originate in the colon (excluding those that arise in the appendix and rectum), there are few large clinical series describing these neoplasms. Seventy-two patients with colonic carcinoids treated over a 40 year period have been reviewed. The peak incidence was in the seventh decade and females outnumbered males 2:1. Virtually(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the level of weight uniformity of fragments from tablets split into halves and dispensed by pharmacists. DESIGN Pre-post comparison. SETTING Laboratory analysis of split tablets returned unused from four long-term care facilities. INTERVENTIONS Twenty-two dispensed prescriptions containing 560 split tablet halves were collected,(More)