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This study employs a grounded theory methodology to compare the impact telecommuting has on public and private employees' perceptions of professional isolation. It relied on 93 semi-structured interviews with telecommuters, non-telecommuters, and their respective supervisors in two high technology firms and two city governments. These organizations had(More)
Direct analysis in real time (DART) is an ion source that permits rapid mass spectrometric detection of gases, liquids, and solids in open air under ambient conditions. It is a unique technology in the field of chemical weapons detectors in that it does not require a vapor pressure, does not require sample preparation, and is nondestructive to the original(More)
Presents the results of extensive surveys of about 400 telecommuters in the USA, including transportation impacts, and whether telecommuting is actually related to any net reduction in travel in general and in car use in particular. Gives findings from trip logs completed by driving age household members for an entire week. Concludes also that telework-ing(More)
Biotoxin activity assays typically involve multistep sample preparation, multicomponent reactions, multistep analysis, or a combination thereof. We report a single-step, real-time ricin activity assay that requires little or no sample preparation and employs direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry. The release of adenine from the inhomogeneous(More)
Talks on Information Management. The IDIMT conferences have now a proud tradition of inter-disciplinarity and openness for systemic ideas. Tele-cooperative working/learning solutions offer a proper scene for this: to let hardware and software technologies, managerial systems, economical models and even behavioral recommendations meet in the arena. " Working(More)