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This paper presents a new approach to local instruction scheduling based on integer programming that produces optimal instruction schedules in a reasonable time, even for very large basic blocks. The new approach first uses a set of graph transformations to simplify the data-dependency graph while preserving the optimality of the final schedule. The(More)
Traditional compilers perform their code generation tasks based on a fixed, pre-determined instruction set. This paper describes the implementation of a compiler that determines the best instruction set to use for a given program and generates efficient code sequence based on it. We first give an overview of the VISC Architecture pioneered at Cognigine that(More)
PURPOSE Previous studies have shown that ischemia alters gene expression in normal and malignant tissues. There are no studies that evaluated effects of ischemia in renal tumors. This study examines the impact of ischemia and tissue procurement conditions on RNA integrity and gene expression in renal cell carcinoma. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Ten renal tumors(More)
This paper describes the implementation of an instruction scheduler that produces near-optimal results by efficiently enumerating all possible schedules. The scheduler is implemented in the context of an embedded processor that allows compile-time configuration of the instruction set to use for each program, where the need to adhere to the tight and(More)
PURPOSE Tumor growth and progression requires multiple steps and genetic alterations. The molecular events that occur as tumors increase in size are unknown. Patients with von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) provide a unique opportunity to study molecular alterations during tumor growth as these patients develop multiple bilateral renal tumors. To better characterize(More)
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