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A solution of the motion planning without obstacles for the nonholonomic system describing a car with n trailers is proposed. This solution relies basically on the fact that the system is flat with the cartesian coordinates of the last trailer as linearizing output. The Frnet formulas are used to simplify the calculation. The 2-trailers case is treated in(More)
that e < e t and V(p e) <. £-£ , where i e {-2, 3, 4}? (By the computational results in [5] we may conclude that this does not happen when p < 30,000.) 2. Is there a power n = p e of some irregular prime such that V(p e) < e-5 ? VAJIGJL RojncUik: Professor L. Carlitz and Jack Levine in [3] asked similar questions about Euler numbers and polynomials.(More)