Jack Jeffries

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Neural codes allow the brain to represent, process, and store information about the world. Combinatorial codes, comprised of binary patterns of neural activity, encode information via the collective behavior of populations of neurons. A code is called convex if its codewords correspond to regions defined by an arrangement of convex open sets in Euclidean(More)
A novel wide angle spectrometer has been implemented with a highly oriented pyrolytic graphite crystal coupled to an image plate. This spectrometer has allowed us to look at the energy resolved spectrum of scattered x rays from a dense plasma over a wide range of angles (approximately 30 degrees ) in a single shot. Using this spectrometer we were able to(More)
This talk is based on joint work with Andy Carroll. It is about studying the module category of a finite-dimensional algebra within the general framework of invariant theory. Our objective is to describe the tameness of an algebra in terms of its moduli spaces of modules. Specifically, we will show that for an acyclic string algebra, the irreducible(More)
We have demonstrated a scanned beam deflection technique, and applied this technique to imaging the free stream of a dc arcjet plasma plume. An acousto-optic deflector sweeps a HeNe beam transverse to the jet flow direction. A transform lens and split photodiode measure angular beam deflections produced by refractive index gradients in the arcjet plume.(More)
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