Jack J. Liu

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Auditory evoked potentials in response to tone bursts repeated at a rate of 40 per second (auditory 40-Hz responses) were studied in the guinea pig. The potentials, consisting of a sequence of 40-Hz waves with a periodicity of about 25 msec, were distributed widely over the skull, and the largest potentials were recorded from the vertex (midline) and the(More)
BACKGROUND This is the largest prospective cohort analysis to assess how dietary factors involved in one-carbon metabolism are associated with endometrial cancer incidence, using 26 years of follow-up data from the Nurses' Health Study. METHODS The prospective cohort analysis of one-carbon metabolism dietary factors used the Cox proportional hazards(More)
Cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) is a second messenger that may be associated with olfactory function. No known studies have compared existing collection methods for determining nasal cAMP levels. This is a prospective study comparing the comfort and reliability of the nasal curette and cytobrush. A secondary outcome collected for feasibility testing(More)
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