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BACKGROUND The National Cancer Institute (NCI)-sponsored clinical trials cooperative groups place more than 25 000 American patients in treatment trials every year. Equal access and proportional representation of all races/ethnicities is desired. PURPOSE Our objectives were to evaluate the inclusion of African-Americans, Hispanics, and non-Hispanic whites(More)
A decentralized emergency medicine clinical pharmacy program was initiated and has operated now for over 1 year. The program attempted to answer two questions: is there a viable clinical pharmacy role in emergency medicine, and could staff pharmacists successfully function in such a role without formal clinical training and experience? Initial primary(More)
This paper enlarges Menger’s theory of the origins of money by making explicit the role of entrepreneurship in the theory and by extending the theory to market institutions other than money. Drawing on the research of anthropologists, archaeologists, and historians, the paper considers the origins of three institutions that underlie economic growth—the(More)
Guidelines for describing cancer chemotherapy regimens in all aspects of drug development, including treatment protocols, order forms, and product labels, are proposed. To complement the approaches to reducing medication errors that have been recommended by ASHP and others, pharmacists at the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute,(More)
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