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The growth of mobile data traffic is urging on the development of mechanisms to route cellular traffic through alternative networks. In this paper, we present an approach to do mobile data offloading from/to vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs), grounded on a virtualization layer and a new routing protocol on top of it. The virtualization layer deals with the(More)
Cloud-based Mobile Augmentation (CMA) is aimed to increase the computing capabilities of handheld devices for enabling the execution of resource-intensive mobile applications. In order to avoid latencies and excessive bandwidth consumption, the most recent CMA approaches borrow the augmentation resources from proximate clusters of handheld devices which do(More)
Collaborative downloading of contents from the Internet in VANETs has become a hot research topic. In traditional schemes, most of the vehicles are interested in the same content which is splitted in multiple chunks that are collaboratively downloaded by the nodes and finally delivered to the rest of vehicles over a peer-to-peer network. This paper proposes(More)