Jack Fei Yang

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his paper, by mirroring the performance testing of a given company’s merchandising distribution information system, has attempted to resolve the demands in function testing without the aid of any market-sold automated testing tools, to decipher a system’s loading response time in an effort to help improve the system functions.
Customer collaborative product innovation (CCPI) is a novel pattern of new product development (NPD) to integrate customers and their knowledge as the main innovative agents and resources. In CCPI, conflict is an intrinsic and inevitable phenomenon. Conflict contagion, however, is a neglected but crucial issue for the CCPI conflict management. In order to(More)
The purpose of the study was to determine public university South Dakota (USA) distance faculty perceptions regarding intended level of learning objectives for four selected modes of courses delivery. The four modes examined in this study included correspondence course, telecourses, Digital Dakota Network, and online Internet delivery. A survey(More)
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