Jack E. Newman

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Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1 is an α-3 purple nonsulfur eubacterium with an extensive metabolic repertoire. Under anaerobic conditions, it is able to grow by photosynthesis, respiration and fermentation. Photosynthesis may be photoheterotrophic using organic compounds as both a carbon and a reducing source, or photoautotrophic using carbon dioxide as the(More)
Through a series of comparative experiments the relative effects of copper (Cu) exposure on the growth and physiology (chlorophyll fluorescence, ion leakage, O(2) evolution and pigmentation) of the red seaweed Gracilariopsis longissima was investigated. Of the various physiological end-points measured, growth proved to be the most sensitive with reductions(More)
An adverse interaction between aspirin and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors is suspected in patients with heart failure, but the effect of combined therapy with these agents on hospital readmission rates is unknown. Our study found that combining aspirin with ACE inhibitors is associated with higher early readmission rates than use of ACE(More)
The algal flora was sampled in 15 intertidal rock pools, selected for habitat uniformity within a limited area. The distribution of species agreed closely with that expected at random, whether examined by the distribution of associations, by nesting, by chequerboarding or by incidence functions. The simplest explanation is that differences in specific(More)
Breastfeeding is a natural physiologic process upon which human survival has depended for uncounted generations. Natural selection over millions of years has ensured that breastmilk contains all the nutritional requirements of the newborn period and beyond. In order to prevent problems for the few, modern management of labour, delivery and the postpartum(More)
We expressed a recombinant peptide fragment (Ser445–Val733) of human von Wille-brand factor (vWF), containing the binding domain for the platelet receptor of GP Ib, in E. coli. This 33 kD peptide blocks binding of the intact vWF molecule to GP Ib in the presence of modulators. Thus, it offers potential as an antithrombotic agent. High level expression was(More)
BACKGROUND While depressed left ventricular ejection fraction is clearly associated with poor long-term outcome in heart failure (HF), the effect of ejection fraction on short-term outcomes and resource utilization following hospitalization for HF remains unclear. HYPOTHESIS We evaluated the independent effect of depressed ejection fraction (< or = 40%)(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To describe sleep duration and quality in the first month postpartum and compare the sleep of women who exclusively breastfed at night to those who used formula. METHODS We conducted a longitudinal study in a predominantly low-income and ethnically diverse sample of 120 first-time mothers. Both objective and subjective measures of sleep(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to ascertain the presence of gender bias in the medical management of heart failure, and to assess its association with the specialty of the caregiver physician. METHODS In 309 patients with documented left ventricular systolic dysfunction (ejection fraction <45%) and at least one hospitalization for heart(More)
Dehydration and poor weight gain in breastfed infants are common but potentially preventable problems. Serious consequences are severe hypernatremic dehydration, severe weight loss, and severe hyperbilirubinemia with possible irreversible damage to the baby's brain or other vital organs. The dangers of dehydration have been emphasized by recent media(More)