Jack D. Shorter

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A survey of business schools accredited by the Assembly of American Collegiate Schools of Business has provided data on the hardware and software used in introductory database courses. Survey results show that the size computer used most often in the course is the microcomputer, followed in popularity by upper-end minicomputers. Relational database(More)
The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader about the basic terms and definitions of wireless networks and applications. Subjects addressed are current standards in wireless networks and security. We also list some of the benefits of implementing wireless local area networks for both corporate and home users. The future aspects of wireless local area(More)
This paper discusses the definition of an ERP system using packaged software that enables a company to make efficient use of corporate resources. These resources include materials, human resources, finance, sales, marketing, finance, etc. ERP provides a total, integrated solution for all of the organization's information processing needs. This paper also(More)
Jxk Snrter, Assistant Ft-ofessx schccJlofwlsiness Bnpia state university %=h Kansas Astkincidenceof nontraditknal system develomtby persons with primry job responsibilities other than softmre developllenthas bma~ canmnplace, additio& roleshwe been d by inform&ion system professionals. Acting as education specialistsand as consuhnts for end userswho directly(More)
Because the health care administrator faces unprecedented demands concerning information, well-designed and carefully selected information systems have become a critical factor in the viability and survival of health care institutions. Local area network systems are having a significant impact in this regard. Among their advantages are flexibility,(More)
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