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The positional relationships of the dentoalveolar segments in ten subjects with unrepaired unilateral complete clefts of lip and palate were studied in order to assess the effects of the cleft malformation on dentoalveolar growth. The findings suggest that there are localized growth defects, particularly in lateral and vertical growth at the region of the(More)
Two groups of nine-year-old children were examined for orthodontic problems using a Severity Index. Patients who had been referred by general dental practitioners to a Consultant Orthodontist had significantly more occlusal problems than the controls. Seventy-one per cent of the referred patients were assessed as needing immediate treatment. The results of(More)
A method is described for rapidly measuring the surface area of the palate by adapting a piece of soft plastic to a model of the upper jaw using a vacuum moulding technique. Tests with a hemisphere of known surface area showed the method to be consistent and to have a low degree of systematic error. When measuring models with unrepaired cleft palates, the(More)