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1. The energetic cost of work performance by mouse fast- and slow-twitch muscle was assessed by measuring the rates of thermal and mechanical energy liberation of the muscles at 21 degrees C. Thermal energy (heat) liberation was measured using a fast-responding thermopile. 2. Bundles of muscles fibres from the slow-twitch soleus and fast-twitch extensor(More)
1. The energetics of lengthening were studied in amphibian and mammalian skeletal muscle. The aims were to determine whether energy absorption during stretch is a general property of skeletal muscle and to investigate the influence of lengthening velocity on energy absorption. 2. Experiments were performed in vitro (21 degrees C) using bundles of muscle(More)
Cochlear implant (CI) recipients with residual hearing show improved performance with the addition of low-frequency acoustic stimulation (electro-acoustic stimulation, EAS). The present study sought to determine whether a synthesized first formant (F1) signal provided benefit to speech recognition in simulated EAS hearing and to compare such benefit with(More)
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