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This paper discusses implementation of a two-stage procedure to determine the simulation run length for selecting the best of k designs. We purpose an Enhanced Two-Stage Selection (ETSS) procedure. The number of additional replications at the second stage for each design is determined by both the variances of the sample means and the differences of the(More)
Speech-based user interfaces are growing in popularity. Unfortunately, the technology expertise required to build speech UIs precludes many individuals from participating in the speech interface design process. Furthermore, the time and knowledge costs of building even simple speech systems make it difficult for designers to iteratively design speech UIs.(More)
We discuss two types of micromachined flow sensors realized by using novel microfabrication processes—a hot-wire an-emometer ͑based on thermal transfer͒ and a biologically inspired flow sensor ͑based on momentum transfer͒. Both sensors are enabled by a new, efficient three-dimensional assembly technique called the plastic deformation magnetic assembly(More)
C limate change is likely to have serious and long-term consequences for public health. Among these are illness and mortality related to heat and worsening air quality In this study we examined the historical relationship between age-and cause-specific mortality rates and heat events at the 99 th percentile of humidex values in the greater Seattle area(More)
We report a detailed study investigating the use of multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWNT) filled elastomers to enable sensitive and yet robust MEMS devices. This work is contrasted with previous work using carbon black filling, showing an 8-fold improvement in performance through the use of MWNT. The percolation behavior of MWNT in polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)(More)
We examine whether investors benefit from " selective access " to corporate managers, which we define as the opportunity for investors to meet privately with management in individual or small-group settings. We focus on two potential opportunities for selective access advantages at invitation-only investor conferences: formal " off-line " meetings outside(More)
Two-stage selection procedures have been widely studied and applied in determining the required sample size (i.e., the number of replications or batches) for selecting the best of k designs. The Enhanced Two-Stage Selection (ETSS) procedure is a heuristic two-stage selection procedure that takes into account not only the variance of samples, but also the(More)
BACKGROUND The validity of applying the construct of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) across cultures has been the subject of contention. Although PTSD symptoms have been identified across multiple cultures, questions remain whether the constellation represents a coherent construct with an interpretable factor structure across diverse populations,(More)