Jack Chen

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Speech-based user interfaces are growing in popularity. Unfortunately, the technology expertise required to build speech UIs precludes many individuals from participating in the speech interface design process. Furthermore, the time and knowledge costs of building even simple speech systems make it difficult for designers to iteratively design speech UIs.(More)
  • Brian J Bushee, Michael J Jung, Leonard N Stern, Gregory S Miller, Stephen M Ross, Sanjeev Bhojaj +13 others
  • 2011
We examine whether investors benefit from " selective access " to corporate managers, which we define as the opportunity for investors to meet privately with management in individual or small-group settings. We focus on two potential opportunities for selective access advantages at invitation-only investor conferences: formal " off-line " meetings outside(More)
SUEDE is a speech interface prototyping tool that enables rapid, iterative creation of prompt-response speech interfaces. It explicitly supports iterative design, allowing a designer to quickly create an interface prototype, conduct user studies, and analyze the test data in a single tool. SUEDE offers an electronically supported Wizard of Oz (WOz)(More)
  • Carola Frydman, Lily Y Zhou, Charles Calomiris, Stanley Engerman, Dan Fetter, Dimitris Papanikolaou +13 others
  • 2012
We use the unique circumstances that led to the Panic of 1907 to analyze its consequences for non-financial corporations. The panic was triggered by a shock to New York's trust companies that was unrelated to any major non-financial corporations affiliated with those institutions. Using newly collected data, we find that corporations with close ties to the(More)
In the recent past, in-memory distributed database management systems have become increasingly popular to manage and query huge amounts of data. For an in-memory distributed database like MemSQL, it is imperative that the analytical queries run fast. A huge proportion of MemSQL's customer workloads have ad-hoc analytical queries that need to finish(More)
Real-time analytics on massive datasets has become a very common need in many enterprises. These applications require not only rapid data ingest, but also quick answers to analytical queries operating on the latest data. MemSQL is a distributed SQL database designed to exploit memory-optimized, scale-out architecture to enable real-time transactional and(More)