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Developed by a team of university students, the KinectMath software program encourages junior high and high school students to master abstract algebraic functions through embodied interactions using popular game-playing technology. The Web extra at http://youtu.be/KVoRVIg7U40 is a video segment showing UW Bothell students working with a professor to develop(More)
Over the past decade IEC 61850 has gained in popularity in various utilities across the globe for its promise of interoperability, scalability, maintainability and wire reduction. However the application and acceptance of this standard is still in its infancy in the province of Alberta, Canada. This paper presents a case study of one of the first protection(More)
_________________________________________________________________ The reality of life is embedded in social networks. Understanding how social networks affect disease propagation and how the consequences of disease change social networks is critical for modeling early manifestation of diseases on diverse human activities. Moreover, disease outbreaks do not(More)
This paper briefly describes line current differential schemes, and focuses on their dependencies on communication channels. Dependencies on bit error rate and transmission latency are discussed. Effect of time synchronization accuracy on sensitivity of line current differential scheme is explained in details. Types of communication channels are discussed(More)
This paper utilizes the activity competency model (ACM) to investigate the perceived importance of professional activities and skills/knowledge required of three levels of information system (IS) managers from two types of industries. Carrying an activity out involves the use of a number of different skills and knowledge. The critical activities and the(More)
BACKGROUND Genomic research has innumerable benefits. However, if people are unwilling to participate in genomic research, application of knowledge will be limited. This study examined the likelihood of respondents from a high- and a low- to middle-income country to participate in genetic research. METHODS Cross-sectional data were collected using(More)
This study utilized the activity competency model to investigate the perceived importance of critical professional activities and skills/knowledge required by three levels of information system (IS) managers. Our findings indicated that the perceived importance of critical IS professional activities were significantly different among the management levels,(More)
This study empirically investigated what knowledge topics are important to an information system (IS) professional from an industrial perspective. More than 200 IS professionals participated in this study to provide what they thought about 43 IS related professional courses. The respondents were asked to rate the knowledge level that they had learned about(More)
BACKGROUND "Precision medicine" (PM) requires researchers to identify actionable genetic risks and for clinicians to interpret genetic testing results to patients. Whether PM will equally benefit all populations or exacerbate existing disparities is uncertain. METHODS We ascertained attitudes toward genetic testing and genetic research by race in the(More)
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