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Several peptide fragments are produced by proteolytic cleavage of the opioid peptide precursor proenkephalin A, and among these are a number of enkephalin fragments, in particular bovine adrenal medulla peptide 22 (BAM22). These peptide products have been implicated in diverse biological functions, including analgesia. We have cloned a newly identified(More)
MOTIVATION An understanding of the coupling between a G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) and a specific class of heterotrimeric GTP-binding proteins (G-proteins) is vital for further comprehending the function of the receptor within a cell. However, predicting G-protein coupling based on the amino acid sequence of a receptor has been a daunting task. While(More)
Meet Jonathan and Elizabeth. One person is a doctor and the other is a nurse. Who is the doctor? When nothing else is known, the base rate principle favors Jonathan to be the doctor and the fairness principle favors both individuals equally. However, when individuating facts reveal who is actually the doctor, base rates and fairness become irrelevant, as(More)
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