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The performances of young and aged rats were compared on a spatial (spatial delayed nonmatching-to-sample) and a nonspatial (object delayed nonmatching-to-sample) test of working memory. Although evidence was found that aging showed acquisition of both of these tasks, performance over different retention intervals of up to 60 s was normal once the task was(More)
Online Social Networks (OSNs) have attracted intensive attention for the reason that they provide users a convenient platform to share ideas, post events, and disseminate messages. Each OSN user commonly owns multiple social applications (Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, etc.). They enjoy disseminating messages within one particular social application as(More)
This paper describes two cases of gastric leiomyoblastoma (bizarre smooth muscle tumour), one of them having evidence of metastases. Both patients remain well after seven years and three and a half years respectively. The literature is reviewed, and the clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment are discussed. The histological appearances are described in(More)
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