Jack Campin

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This paper introduces a number of dimensions of active rule system behaviour which can be used both to highlight diierences between proposals for active rule systems, and to identify the requirements of diierent applications. These dimensions relate to the structure, execution model and management of active rules, and enable the concise expression of what(More)
This paper reviews research on the formal speciication of active behaviour, indicating both what has been done in this area, and how. The scope of diierent approaches is compared within a common framework, which reveals that although many aspects of active behaviour have been described formally, no single proposal covers all phenomena associated with active(More)
This paper presents a framework for the formal speciication of active database systems, and shows how the framework can be used to describe the functionality of three well known example systems, namely Starburst, POSTGRES and Ariel. The framework has been developed using Object-Z to structure speciications in a way that emphasises commonalities and key(More)
Active database systems are a current focus of considerable research interest, as a means of supporting a range of tasks including constraint enforcement, real-time applications and derived data management. However, although many diierent proposals have been made for active rule systems, such proposals are normally described in an informal manner, which(More)
He is currently a consultant with Cambridge Technology Partners, where he specializes in data warehouse and data mining applications. He was previouslywith NCR Teradata. His current research interests also include active and temporal reasoning in databases. Dr. Zaniolo's research interests include database systems, non-monotonic reasoning in databases and(More)
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