Jack C. Hayya

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In a recent paper, Dejonckheere, Disney, Lambrecht, and Towill [European Journal of Operational Research 147 (2003) 567] used control systems engineering (transfer functions, frequency response, spectral analysis) to quantify the bullwhip effect. In the present paper, we, like Chen, Ryan, Drezner, and Simchi-Levi [Management Science 46 (2000) 436], use the(More)
We discuss SISCO, the Simulator for Integrated Supply Chain Operations, a Java-based tool that simplifies supply chain simulation model development. SISCO maps supply chain descriptions stored in the XML-based Supply Chain Modeling Language (SCML) format to a set of supply chain “building blocks” developed with ThreadTec’s SilkTM simulation classes. The(More)
We describe a different approach to using XML to support the simulation modeling of supply chains. Instead of using XML to specify the simulation constructs, as most previous approaches do, we utilize XML to describe the supply chain itself. The Supply Chain Modeling Language (SCML) is a general, reusable, platform and methodology independent standard for(More)