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Engineering design is an iterative process with a fundamental need for the consistent management and propagation of product dependencies. Constraint-based design provides a unified framework to meet this critical need, but there are known issues due to the complexity of the problem within three-dimensional space. This paper presents results from a decade of(More)
Electrophoresis gel analysis is a viable technique for determining the purity of hybrid corn seeds. Visually analyzing the electrophoretic gel images is a very tedious and time-consuming task. In this paper, a computer vision system integrating image processing and pattern recognition techniques with domain-specific structural information to automate the(More)
Diffusion-limited aggregation (DLA) is a useful model for studying such common physical phenomena as dust clustering, unstable fluid flowJ chemical species precipitation, and crystal growth. Simulating the DLA processes using electrostatic analogy is very computation intensive. Elimination of closed loops in DLA images can significantly reduce the(More)
The pole-placement self tuning control method is applied to the control of manipulators directly in the task coordinate system. This results in highly desirable task-oriented performance characteristics. In the task coordinate, the position control axes and the force control axes are orthogonal. Therefore hybrid control can be achieved without degradation(More)
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