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Computer simulations were used to study the role of resistive couplings on flat-wave action potential propagation through a thin sheet of ventricular tissue. Unlike simulations using continuous or periodic structures, this unique electrical model includes random size cells with random spaced longitudinal and lateral connections to simulate the physiologic(More)
Theoretical simulations have suggested that interstitial potential (Vis) during action potential propagation affects measurements of the transmembrane action potential in bathed ventricular muscle. To evaluate the Vis experimentally, we obtained Vis and intracellular action potential (Vic) recordings at various depths in paced guinea pig papillary muscles(More)
It is shown how the LISP iterative primitives PROG, SETQ, GO, and RETURN may be introduced into the Boyer-Moore method for automatically verifying Pure LISP programs. This is done by extending some of the previously described heuristics for dealing with recursive functions. The resulting verification procedure uses structural induction to handle both(More)
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