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The algorithm may be programmed without multiplication or division instructions and is eficient with respect to speed of execution and memory utilization. This paper describes an algorithm for computer control of a type of digital plotter that is now in common use with digital computers .' The plotter under consideration is capable of executing, in response(More)
Over the past decade, there have been major advances in the computer graphics field: in computer graphics techniques, the trend towards object-oriented programming, and availability of relatively inexpensive, high-resolution graphics hardware and sophisticated rendering packages. This suggests that a reevaluation of the traditional computer graphics(More)
In implmenting rater grahic algorithms, it is impotant to toroughly understand behavior and implicit defaults inherent in each algorithm. Design choices must balance performance with respect to drawing speed, circult count, code space, picture fidelity, system complexity, and system consistency. For example, "close" may sound appealing when describing the(More)
panelists will discuss various approaches to teaching an introductory computer graphics course. They represent a wide spectrum of the discipline, offering courses emphasizing systems, engineering, mathematics, science, art design and animation. Sample course syllabi, textbook recommendations, software packages and suggested projects will be available. This(More)