Jack Brelstaff

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Identification of fluorescent dyes that label the filamentous protein aggregates characteristic of neurodegenerative disease, such as β-amyloid and tau in Alzheimer's disease, in a live cell culture system has previously been a major hurdle. Here we show that pentameric formyl thiophene acetic acid (pFTAA) fulfills this function in living neurons cultured(More)
PERSPECTIVE pFTAA: a high affinity oligothiophene probe that detects filamentous tau in vivo and in cultured neurons Tauopathies describe a group of neurodegenerative diseases in which the protein tau, encoded by the gene MAPT, is aberrantly misfolded, leading to tau aggregation, neural dysfunction, and cell death (Spillantini and Goedert, 2013). In(More)
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