Jack Bowie

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MUMPS, the Massachusetts General Hospital Utility MultiProgramming System, is a compact time-sharing system for information management. This paper discusses the historical development of MUMPS and describes the basic modules found in its implementation. Detailed descriptions of the time-sharing executive, MUMPS language interpreter, input/output file(More)
  • J Bowie
  • 1979
Recent standardization of the MUMPS language (ANSI X11.1-1977) has resulted in increased investigations into its efficient implementation. Of particular concern is the method of implementation of the MUMPS hierarchical data file, or global. Two implementation techniques have found substantial support: a traditional technique utilizing linked physical(More)
General purpose terminology server software facilitates coordinated use of multiple standard medical terminologies for diverse healthcare applications. SNOMED CT is an important clinical reference terminology, whose size and scope make advanced terminology server capabilities particularly useful. Moreover, capabilities tied to SNOMED CT's special features(More)
  • J Bowie
  • 1980
While many nurses are aware that the term "software" denotes the programs of instructions by which the computer operates, most of us could probably benefit by knowing more about software basics--what constitutes a program, what constitutes a system, what distinguishes various types of systems, and levels of computer language, and so forth. Few of us are(More)
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