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Background: Low frequency vibration case study about problems, constraints and design solutions to control vibration in structural floor for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. Objective:
The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery Response to COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of society in a way never previously experienced by the authors' nation's orthopaedic surgeons, so steps were taken to provide flexibility for as many Candidates and Diplomates as possible to participate while maintaining high standards.
Noise levels, spectra, and operational function of an occupied newborn intensive care unit built to meet recommended permissible noise criteria
A group of clinical experts developed recommended permissible noise criteria for newly constructed or renovated hospital nurseries [Philbin et al., J. Perinatol. 19, 559–563 (2000); R. White, ibid.
Noise Control for Neonatal ICU for Demolition and Construction Within Hospital Facilities
Hospital facilities are frequently expanded, modified or renovated while nearby spaces are occupied. Noise, vibration and impacts from demolition and construction within the building cause audible
Elevator equipment noise mitigation for high-rise residential condominium
A new high-rise hotel and residential condominium building had elevator equipment rooms between residential spaces. During construction, elevator equipment noise was audible in adjacent unfinished
Acoustical and Noise Control Criteria and Guidelines for Building Design and Operations
Noise, vibration and acoustical design, construction, commissioning and operation practices influence building cost, efficiency, performance and effectiveness. Parameters for structural vibration,
Case Study: Air Cooled Chillers with Rotary Helical (Screw) Compressors at Hospital with Impact on Patient Rooms, Residential Neighborhoods, and Open Park
Air cooled chiller with rotary (helical) screw compressors installed at a new hospital were producing disturbing tonal noise in patient rooms, an adjacent open park, and neighborhoods five to nine
Lab vibration complaints due to secondary or questionable indicators
Researchers complained about lab vibration in a new multi-floor academic laboratory building after observing surface ripples in water glasses on lab shelves. Structural vibration and low frequency
Acoustical considerations for secondary uses of government facilities
Government buildings are by their nature, public and multi‐functional. Whether in meetings, presentations, documentation processing, work instructions or dispatch, speech communications are critical.