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Sea temperatures were normal in Bermuda during 1987, when Bermuda escaped the episodes of coral bleaching which were prevalent throughout the Caribbean region. Survey transecs in 1988 on 4–6 m reefs located on the rim margin and on a lagoonal patch reef revealed bleaching only of zoanthids between May and July. Transect and tow surveys in August and(More)
  • J A Ward
  • 1979
The new mass market microcomputers offer an economical means of providing individualized instruction to medical technology students. A program that uses case studies to familiarize students with the erythrokinetic model for classifying anemias is being used to supplement classroom instruction at Minot State College, Minot, North Dakota. The program(More)
A recent decision by an appellate court in the case, Marshall v Baptist Hospital, Inc, tends to produce confusion concerning the status of students and their rights when engaged in clinical education. This paper clarifies the statutes governing cooperative educational programs and students, investigates court cases to reveal a trend, and determines(More)
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