Jack A Davidson

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The successful management of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain remains elusive. Often, the initial relief of pain is complicated by recurrence of the symptoms. This time frame suggests that the pain may be related to neuromas of the nerves that innervate the TMJ. The current study attempted to define the innervation pattern of the TMJ as identified in 16(More)
The objective was to determine if exercise training improves physical fitness of nonlactating, late-pregnant and nonpregnant multiparous Holstein cows and alters acid-base homeostasis during an exercise test on a treadmill. Twenty-six pairs (each pair having 1 late-pregnant and 1 nonpregnant) of cows were assigned to treatments of exercise training or no(More)
This study of risk factors for diabetic nephropathy in juvenile Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus compares two carefully characterised groups of patients, one with proteinuria (n = 23), the other a control group (n = 24) with no evidence of nephropathy despite more than 25 years of diabetic life. No significant difference was observed between the(More)
Objectives were to develop a system to administer exercise training to dairy cows, to measure potential physiological indicators of fitness, and to assess physical fitness. Nonlactating, nonpregnant multiparous Holstein cows (n = 19) were in one of three exercise training treatments: no exercise; 1-h exercise; or 2-h exercise by walking 3 km/h every other(More)
An experiment was conducted to examine the effects of complete stimulus omission and interstimulus interval (ISI) variability on habituation of the skin conductance response. A new scoring technique allowed shorter ISIs to be used (0.5-1.5 s) than in previous studies. It was found that both stimulus omission and variation of a previously constant ISI had a(More)
A method is described for three dimensional reconstruction of the left ventricle which uses four anatomically defined apical views. It is shown that the algorithms developed for reconstruction and volume estimation provide accurate results when applied to planar views with accurately defined boundaries. The linear regression equation was y = -6.32 + 1.04x,(More)
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