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A number of closed-loop postulations to explain motor skills learning and performance phenomena have appeared recently, but each of these views suffers from either (a) logical problems in explaining the phenomena or (b) predictions that are not supported by the empirical evidence. After these difficulties are discussed, a new theory for discrete motor(More)
A mathematical model is proposed for describing the dynamics of the chemotactic peptide-stimulated actin polymerization response in human neutrophils. The response pathway utilizes the guanine nucleotide binding protein (G-protein) signal transduction cascade common to many receptor systems and allows adaptation in the continued presence of ligand. The(More)
Depletion of cellular ATP is associated with profound effects on the cytoskeleton, particularly disruption of microfilaments. We examined this process in bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells by inducing differential reductions of cellular ATP using mitochondrial inhibition and variable amounts of glucose. Reduction of cellular ATP to levels < 40% of(More)
• Bertin served only in the Tokyo office, b Bond is also currently in the Tokyo office. by his Beefeater-garbed aide; being invited to toast the health of a British society (which I did in verse supplied by the president of the counterpart American society); observing experiments on animal aggression in a Fin-nish laboratory; learning first-hand of an(More)
3 strains of soil bacteria (2Achromobacter, 1Flavobacterium) were isolated by growth on cyclo(Gly-L-Pro) as carbon/nitrogen source. Good growth required yeast extract supplements. Utilization of cyclo(Gly-L-Pro) was inducible. Many efforts failed to obtain active cell-free preparations. Injected radioactive cyclo(Gly-L-Pro) was excreted intact by the albino(More)
A postal survey of typeface preference is described. The survey was designed to help in the choice of typeface to be used for the internal technical Reports produced by the Post Office Research Department. Type setting for these Reports is carried out using an IBM Selectric Composer for which seven typefaces suitable for reports are available. One hundred(More)
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