Jacinda Johnston

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Several models of hybrid zone evolution predict the same spatial patterns of genotypic distribution whether or not structuring is due to environment-dependent or -independent selection. In this study, we tested for evidence of environment-dependent selection in an Iris fulva x Iris brevicaulis hybrid population by examining the distribution of genotypes in(More)
We tested the relative fitness of two Louisiana Iris species (Iris brevicaulis and I. fulva) and their first-generation backcross hybrids in three experimental watering treatments: dry, field capacity, and flooded. Leaf area expansion rate, gas exchange (A(max), g(s), c(i)), and biomass at final harvest were measured for each species and hybrid class in all(More)
Flows along the upper Qu’Appelle River are expected to increase in the future via increased discharge from Lake Diefenbaker to meet the demands of increased agricultural and industrial activity and population growth in southern Saskatchewan. This increased discharge and increased air temperature due to climate change are both expected to have an impact on(More)
The determination of copper in nickel-plating solutions with commercial test-strips has been investigated. The rate of colour development, which is normally slow in the presence of high concentrations of foreign ions, has been speeded up by flushing sample solutions over the strips, rather than by immersion. Relative precision is 2.7-12% over the(More)
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