Jacek Wasilewski

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This study investigated how religiosity relates to goal engagement (i.e., investing time and effort; overcoming obstacles) and goal disengagement (i.e., protecting self-esteem and motivational resources against failure experiences; distancing from unattainable goals) in coping with perceived work-related uncertainties (e.g., growing risk of job loss) that(More)
Social and economic changes on the societal macro level, such as globalization, pluralization, and demographic shifts, create new demands that produce stress and require behavioral adaptation. In this large-sample correlational study, which replicates a similar study previously conducted in Germany, we investigated how young and middle-aged adults from(More)
On-line recommender systems have different challenges to overcome to provide content to users. One of these is the potential of isolating users from a diverse set of items by recommending very narrow content. In this paper we propose an item-centric view of a recommender system, looking at the exposure of items to groups of consumers, and how diverse those(More)
An Energy management system (EMS) is a concept that spans various possible solutions, ranging from basic implementations over solutions that use simple intelligent computer methods to systems that employ advanced intelligent methods. We designed and implemented an intelligent multi-agent based approach that uses a market mechanism to manage power in the(More)
While much recommender system research has been driven by the rating prediction task, there is an emphasis in recent research on exploring new methods to evaluate the effectiveness of a recommendation. The Recommender Systems Challenge 2014 takes up this theme by challenging researchers to explore engagement as an evaluation criterion. In this paper we(More)
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